About Me

I’m just your friendly neighborhood Corn Boy.

I reckon that I ought to write something about myself, huh?

Long story short, I’ve been a bit of a corn nut for years. I took an interest in preserving and promoting heirloom varieties back in 2011, recognizing early on just how much richer Latin American maize is compared to US types. I also live in a microclimate rife with fungal pathogens of all manner, which forced me to become a disease resistance breeder. It was fortuitous, therefore, that tropical corn is often the best source of a strong immune system. Meaning: I can work with dual-purpose.

At the moment, I’m just getting my feet wet. I have more packets of corn breeding stock than I can fully keep up with, and I’m hoping to eventually consolidate them into more manageable varieties and mixes that I can release out into the public. (You’ll see some of the first round available on the blog.) Almost everything that I offer will be tropical or subtropical, and going forward most of it will be proprietary stock that one won’t find available elsewhere.

Even though I’ll be selling seed on this website, I’m a crop breeder / researcher first and a salesman second. Your purchases will help fund ongoing work, as this little endeavor will be my main source of income. I’ll eventually have crops other than corn available, I hope.

And that’s about all.