Let’s start with a good one: Nalo Orange corn.

Pardon the “extras” in the cast. Managing weeds in a corn breeding nursery with so many varieties can be…challenging, especially when one has half an acre to handle solo. I can only mow so much. <:-)

Anyways, the corn: it’s called Nalo Orange. I didn’t breed this one, but I helped spur its development by a smidgen. It grew out of a cooperative effort between the University of Hawaii and Dr. Frank Kutka, meant to develop a high carotenoid (vitamin A) population for the lowland tropics. Though bred in Hawaii, Nalo seems happy here in East Tennessee. I’m working with Dr. Kutka in adapting the population for higher latitudes than mine so that more northerly farmers and gardeners can grow Nalo Orange too.

You can read more about this corn’s origins here:

‘Nalo Orange’ Corn | hawaiiseedgrowers (hawaiiseedgrowersnetwork.com)

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